3 Great Sales Tips from One of our Top Reps

One of our top sales reps; Ainsley, lays out three tips for successful sales.

The Key to sales is problem solving. The authentic aim to find and address a pain in your client’s life or business will lead to more success than all other pitches and sales techniques combined. When you make their life better through your products, you will satisfy your client and bring more value to your customers.


1. Research


Before you leave for that meeting, before you even pick up the phone to schedule it, do your homework. Learn about your client, their business, their industry, and the common problems they face. You need to anticipate their problems so you can have solutions ready. If they have problems you know you can’t solve, you need to be ready for those too.


2. Listen

Go into your first meeting with the intent to understand your client’s needs. Be sure to listen to what they are telling you. Pay attention to what they talk about and ask questions. You will learn a lot more than you did with your research. When you learn what your customer needs, and what problems they are facing you can know what solution to propose. Instead of deciding what to sell them based on how much money you think they have.


3. Show the Value

When you know what your customer needs and you’ve heard about how they feel, you can offer them the product that suits them best. Show them why they NEED you, and how you will help them overcome the challenges that they have described to you.

If you know your client’s pain points and you take the necessary steps to address them. You will gain more sales, and happier customers.

Alex Green