Printer Downtime is Inevitable. Who do you turn to?


Downtime is Inevitable

We believe printing should be painless. An important and often overlooked part of having an MFP/Printer is downtime. Beyond basic maintenance to change ink/toner or paper all machines will eventually need repairs. Downtime is necessary, but costly. Every hour your set-up is down you are losing time and potential productivity. That's why you need an efficient team on your side. At Nova Imprint our aim is to reduce your downtime to the absolute minimum.

Highly Trained Techs

We employ a large number of service techs across our territory. We do our best to respond to any maintenance call within 4 business hours, and to have a tech to your business within one business day. 

Reliable Equipment

Xerox Printers and MFP's are reliable, and relatively easy to maintain. But when problems arise you need to be able to count on fast and effective service.

Printing should be painless, downtime should be short.

Alex Green