The Nova Imprint XDA


How much do you know about your printers? Could you decide if they needed maintenance or re-supply without getting out of your seat?

With the Xerox Device Agent (XDA) from Nova Imprint Business Solutions you can have a detailed and dedicated line of sight on your printing environment from your desktop computer.

The XDA provides proactive alert monitoring and remote problem resolution by showing the device model, IP address, serial number, device status, and primary toner and ink levels of each machine on your network. You can order extra supplies or schedule maintenance directly through the interface. When combined with our XPPS service you can even have these operations monitored and serviced remotely and automatically by Nova Imprint.

You can integrate the XDA seamlessly into your current print environment, even if you have no Xerox machines. The XDA can monitor any networked print device and provide the same level of diagnostic support.

Never suffer from inscrutable printers again.

Alex Green