The Printer of Justice


We probably won’t go that far. But it’ll be pretty secure.


Data breaches and cyber attacks are a constant threat in our modern world. Cyber attacks are the fastest growing crime affecting businesses today. The threat to your business is very real and grows constantly. Luckily, Nova Imprint Business Solutions is here to help.

Our Xerox systems provide comprehensive state-of-the-art security measures. We are the benchmark for print-based security and are trusted by militaries and governments around the world. We are also dedicated maintaining our printer and multifunction devices’ security throughout their lifespan to ensure continuous protection against newly discovered exploits and threats.

Our main security goals are:

• No unauthorized disclosure of data during processing, transmission or storage

• No unauthorized alteration of data
• System performs as intended, free from unauthorized manipulation AVAILABILITY
• System works properly
• No denial of service for authorized users
• Protection against unauthorized use of the system

• Actions of an entity can be traced directly to that entity

• Mutual assurance that the authenticity and integrity of network communications are maintained

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Alex Green