Don't Throw Your Money in a hole!


Stop over-paying for office supplies!

Paying retail prices for ink and toner will quickly drain your budget. Retail outlets routinely sell ink with a 300% markup.  You’ll pay exorbitant rates for tiny cartridges that are soon empty. Even when you try to save money ordering online, you end up stuck with poor quality after-market cartridges that produce terrible prints and need frequent replacing.

Don’t be fooled by retail mark-up and shoddy knockoffs. Nova Imprint can work out deals with your business to save you money on your supplies.  We supply OEM and certified aftermarket ink and toner, for Xerox and non-Xerox printers. We provide ultra-high capacity and regular cartridges for all of our [products] and can get great deals on almost all other brands. Our Managed Print services can keep your ink supply flowing for a single monthly fee that works with your budget.

Alex Green