Retail Ink & Toner vs Managed Print Services

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When it comes to gathering supplies for your business, nothing is more devastating than the retail prices of ink and toner. You can avoid the expense of retail toner, and the inconvenience of single use commercial printers by switching to Managed Print Services. Managed Print Services can help your business by saving you time and money.


Costs of Printing

Print costs are the third highest ongoing cost for a business, after payroll and rent. Toner prices are a large driver of those costs. If you try to save money on toner, you often end up with inferior quality parts that can damage your printer and cost you even more over time. Service for broken printers can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the device. Between toner prices, service calls, and lost productivity from managing the fleet it’s easy to see how print costs can run so high.


MPS and Nova Imprint


Managed Print Services from Nova Imprint Business Solutions offer automatic toner replenishment (including an optional backup cartridge), free service for your covered devices (parts and labour included), 24/7 customer support, and software that lets you easily see your toner levels and monitor printer usage. We cover most brands and models of printer and copier and provide OEM parts and supplies. We also offer a full range of Xerox devices to replace any aging or unreliable members of your fleet, with financing available.

Better to upgrade before the breakdown.

Better to upgrade before the breakdown.


MPS and You


Keeping costs down while maintaining high quality is an important goal for every business. With Managed Print Services you can take the sting out of retail toner prices and service calls for a single monthly payment. With automatic replenishment and sophisticated monitoring, you can free up time and energy to focus on your work and not on your printer.

A happy printer makes a happy office.

A happy printer makes a happy office.


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